Additional Services

Having a Problem?   We do consulting!



Phones -  1.)  Consulting

                2.)  Subcontracting Work

                3.)  Installation of New and Refurbished Phone Systems

                4.)  Design of Communications Solutions

                5.)  Adds, Moves, or Changes

                6.)  Repairs and Upgrade of Existing Systems

                7.)  Sales and Services

                8.)  Voice Mail

                9.)  PBX and Key Systems

              10.)  Fiber Termination

              11.)  VOIP, VPN

              12.)  24-Hour Emergency service at no extra charge

              13.)  Complete or partial wiring of Voice, Data, Networking – Copper and Fiber

 Computers    1.)  Consulting

                        2.) Computer, and Computer Network Installation and Repair

                        3.)  Network Wiring, testing and Certification

                        4.)  Data Recovery & Data Backup

                        5.)  Internet Domains and Websites

                        6.)  General Computer issues /Problems/ Needs

                        7.)  Computer Cleanup:

                                    a.) Virus Removal

                                    b.) Spyware Removal

                                    c.) Drive Defragmentation

                                    d.) Software Updates


                        8.)  Hardware Services

                                    a.) Hardware Sales – Dell Authorized Reseller

                                    b.) System Diagnostics

                                    c.) Repair

                                    d.) Replacement

                                    e.) Upgrades

                        9.)  Custom and Pre-made Cables





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